Dog Parks

This is what many people think happens when you go to a dog park.  American StandardK9 provides useful information regarding your dog on all subjects.  Here is a useful video regarding dog parks.  Please consider this when taking your dog to these locations.  This video is used to make you aware of the possibility of […]

Effects of Training in the Dog’s Brain

The Effects of Training in the Dog’s Brain can view viewed in a full size image or opened in a readable or downloadable pdf document.   If you prefer to view the above image as a .pdf file or even download the article, feel free to click on the following link.  Effect of Training in […]

Does Yelling Work?

Soft tone of voice or loud commands—Which works better with our dogs? By Barb Levenson   Are you shouting commands or asking your dog for behaviors with a soft tone of voice? In a beginner rally class one night, I had an opportunity to show the difference between using a soft tone of voice to […]

Thoughts about training…

SOME THOUGHTS ON TRAINING: I had a great training session with Stephanie Kessel yesterday morning. So what constitutes a great training session? I believe a short, goal oriented session, one in which my dog is successful with the goal I set out and/or a session that gives me valuable information about something my dog is […]