Super Star Agility Program

Have your wanted to try agility but don’t know where to start? Would you like a program that individually tailored to you and your dog? Imagine a program in which you and your dog learn at your pace and you get free training on the equipment between sessions.

Here’s how The Super Star Agility Program works:
You get six (6) one-hour private sessions with Barb. She will personally teach and supervise YOU as you learn how to teach your dog all the agility obstacles. The obstacles include the tunnel (the fun-nest obstacle), the dog walk, A-Frame, the chute, weave poles and even how to correctly start teach your dog to jump. She will even “jump start” any difficult obstacles to help you get started. And it’s ONLY $480 for all six one hour sessions

Plus you will get Six (6) Free half hour training sessions so you can come in when you want and use the equipment you’ve been learning!

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