Canine Good Citizenship

One of the primary real world classes we offer at Barb Levenson Dog Training is The Canine Good Citizenship Class, which will provide you with the means of teaching and controlling your dog when you are outside your home and among certain distractions. This class is typically referred to as a Good Manners Class and is essential for every dog owner. It’s also important to note: the dogs that pass this class are specifically certified by the American Kennel Club with a CGC Title and can actually become therapy dogs at local nursing homes or hospitals. This shows you just how useful a class like this can be. You will find that our specific class is considered to be one of the very best in the entire region taught directly by Maggie DiLullo, who works as an American Kennel Club certified administrator. Students who make use of this class will get a great amount of one on one attention from Maggie. As a dog owner, you will learn a lot of extremely important life and social skills by the time you and your dog have completed the course.

For one, you will be able to better control your dog when they are approached by another dog. This control will also extend to situations where you meet a stranger who would like to pet your dog as well as situations in which you stop to talk with your friend for a little bit. You will also learn how to control your dog and help them to behave when you are walking on a loose leash through a heavy crowd or down a busy street. This is essential to keeping your dog well-behaved and safe.

Skill you will learn are:

  • Sit quietly when you approach another dog
  • Calmness when you meet a friendly stranger who wants to pet your dog
  • Sit calmly when you stop to talk to a friend
  • Control when you walk on a loose leash through a crowd or down a street

Completion of Basic Obedience is a requirement for this course

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