Well Mannered Program

Here’s how the Well Mannered Program works:
The Well Mannered Program is designed for people with behavioral issues. It is also the perfect 1-1 program for people whose primary goal is a dog that is absolute joy to be around. This program is also designed for people who have difficulty meeting the time requirements for a weekly class. Imagine your friends and family telling you your dog is the best-behaved dog ever! Imagine your dog listening to you every time, NOT jumping on anyone, always walking right next to you during walks, not chewing or barking like crazy. There are many ways to tailor this program to you or your dogs needs.

What do I get?

You get six (6) one-hour private sessions with Barb. She may personally “jump start” the behaviors first. Depending on your specific needs, The Well Mannered Program can be tailor-made to helping you and your dog, and the program is ONLY $480 for all six one hour sessions!

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