Agility has become the fastest growing canine sport in the country. Our facility provides modern training equipment that will help to train your dog. We teach you the fundamentals of agility, while allowing you to have fun with your dog. All of your sessions utilize only positive reinforcement and are taught directly by Barb. Barb has trained with some of the world’s top agility competitors and will provide you and your dog with a better understanding of agility training. To schedule your first session, email us at

To check out our Agility Videos for an insider view of our classes, visit our Facebook page located at the top of our site.

If you are really interested in agility you might also consider picking up Barb’s first book, titled “Flatwork for Agility,” published by Dogwise Publishing and offering a variety of easy to train flatwork ideas. Flatwork involves what occurs between obstacles. When running agility your dog will need to take a good approach to the next obstacle. Flatwork will show you how to do this and how to develop a communication system with your dog of cues and movements specifically telling your dog what they should do.

To obtain additional information, call us or email us anytime. Our Super Star Agility Program can be found in the sub menu option for this page.

Our World Renowned Training Programs

Basic Obedience Training

Basic Obedience is the foundation for positive manners in the house as well as teaching owners powerful training tools and techniques.

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Puppy Kindergarten Program

If you’re searching for a positive start for you and your new puppy, our Puppy Kindergarten could be the perfect place for you and your puppy.

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Behavioral Solutions

Behavioral Coaching is available for people needing a 1 – 1 approach to canine behavior such as aggression, separation anxiety or house training issues.

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