Help, My Dog Ate Rat Poison

This is a helpful video to assist you in case you think your dog may have gotten into some rat poison.  Barb Levenson Dog Training is not only about obedience and agility training, but we care about the general health of your dog.  When you need help with your dog, we provide obedience and agility […]

Can Dogs Get Concussions?

At Barb Levenson Dog Training, we are always searching for interesting articles that provide pertinent information for our clients. When you are looking for Obedience training for you dog, in the Pittsburgh area, Barb Levenson Dog Training should be your choice.   Can Dogs Get Concussions? If dogs can get concussions, how do they happen […]

Canine Stress Signs

CANINE STRESS SIGNS Lisa Mullinax, ACDBC Obviously, I did not write this article.  However, it is too important and must be included.  I found it on Facebook, and it was public.  I hope it provides information you can use. Barb Stress is a normal part of life for any animal. Hunger is a form of […]

Why I don’t walk my dogs for exercise

My training facility is in what I refer to as a “cottage community” – an upper income residential area with a well-designed retail area meeting the needs of the community.  Along the main street is a walking path that is frequently used by joggers, older residents out for a stroll and the locals out walking […]