The Premier Puppy Program

Are you interested in advanced training with your new puppy? Please consider our Premier Puppy Program.

Here’s how the Premier Puppy Program works

Sign up for the following classes when you first register:
Puppy Kindergarten – 6 Weeks or more for only $150.00
Basic Pet training – 8 Weeks, 9 hours of training for only $150.00
Canine Good Citizenship – 8 Weeks + CGC test for for only $150.00

Register and agree to be part of our Premier Puppy Program, pay for all three classes at the time of your initial registration and your fee will not be $450. Your total is ONLY $375 for all three classes including participation in as many Puppy Classes as you would like. This is a 16% discount and it’s like getting one half of a class for free!

Our World Renowned Training Programs

Basic Obedience Training

Basic Obedience is the foundation for positive manners in the house as well as teaching owners powerful training tools and techniques.

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Puppy Kindergarten Program

If you’re searching for a positive start for you and your new puppy, our Puppy Kindergarten could be the perfect place for you and your puppy.

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Behavioral Solutions

Behavioral Coaching is available for people needing a 1 – 1 approach to canine behavior such as aggression, separation anxiety or house training issues.

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