Have you ever wanted to try different dog venues before you take them on full steam and financially commit? That was my thought when I first introduced a sampler class many years ago. For example many people are interested in agility but don’t know if their dog would enjoy doing it. Others like the idea of teaching tricks finding it something dogs love to do. And many of my students like the fundamental behaviors that are taught in obedience.

Sampler Class a lot of fun!!! The class is composed of 16 weeks of fun and games. The class is divided into 5 weeks of obedience, 5 weeks of trick training, and 6 weeks of agility. In addition, as part of this class students are encouraged to achieve a CGC if they don’t already have it, as well as start working toward a novice AKC trick title.

The most reinforcing part of this class for me is to watch the dogs tails. They wag!!!! And they wag because this is not a pressure class of obedience. It’s a fun class that converts everything into a trick. Tricks are always taught with reinforcement….no compulsion or corrections. That’s how this class is taught. And both the dogs and handlers enjoy it.

Sampler class is 8:15 on Tuesday evenings. Participants must have a solid foundation in operant and classical conditioning with no corrections. If interested either IM me or fill out one of the forms below. Love to have you join in the fun.

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